2015 ford edge in brainerd mn

2015 Ford Edge in Brainerd, MN

There’s quite a few crossover SUVs on the market today, but sometimes looking into the details of what they offer can be frustrating. Some offer great fuel efficiency, but drop the ball when it comes to being able to tow or mount things to the roof. If something is called a sport utility vehicle, we believe it should be able to actually do the tasks that make crossovers and SUVs standout in the first place. That’s why we highly recommend the 2015 Ford Edge in Brainerd, MN.

But what sets the Ford Edge apart from the competition? For one, it’s extremely versatile. The standard 2015 Ford Edge gets an impressive 30 MPG on the highway, but still offers owners the ability to tow at a variety of trailer weights, depending on which options you end up choosing. Read on to learn about the many advantages of driving a 2015 Ford Edge.


Moonroof Option

Some Ford Edge trims have an available option of the Panoramic Vista Roof. Day or not, this will give your passengers a beautiful view of your surroundings!




Towing Power

Need your SUV to do some light towing every now and again, or maybe even a bit more than light? The Edge is powered by strong EcoBoost eingines that start with a standard rating of 1,500 lbs., but can reach 3,500 lbs. with an optional towing package.



Spacious Interior

Whether you're transporting people, groceries, or equipment on a trip with friends -- the Ford Edge is your friend. It has a max luggage capacity of almost 75 cu.ft, and 114 cu.ft of passenger volume -- so feel free to stretch out!



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2015 ford edge for sale brainerd mn
2015 Ford edge brainerd mn

Get the Ford Edge in Pine River, MN

Between the Edge’s fuel efficiency and trailer ratings, it is obviously capable of rugged tasks that owners desire out of an SUV. But it is also a comfortable ride for both drivers and passengers. Its size and available engines all provide a responsive, enjoyable driving experience more likened to a car than the feeling of driving something big and bulky. Likewise, the standard six-speaker sound system can provide ample entertainment. But if you really love your tunes, there’s also a 12 speaker system from sony.

Other interior luxuries like a Panoramic Vista Roof, leather seats, backup and front view cameras, lands-free liftgate and more all help to make the Edge what it is. It’s got power, efficiency, and is packed with available tech. What more could you ask for from a crossover?

You can come checkout the 2015 Ford Edge near Brainerd, MN at Houston Ford. Our staff will run you through everything you need to know about the Edge to help you decide if it’s the right vehicle for you.

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