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Brake Service in Pine River, MN

All components of vehicles are important, but brakes are an integral part of remaining safe while driving. It is important that brakes are in tip-top shape and work effectively, because they handle the stopping and slowing down in many driving situations. There are several symptoms that indicate when brakes need to be serviced, so continue reading below to learn about them. Drivers in central Minnesota are invited to have their brakes serviced at the Kimber Creek Ford Service Department in Pine River, where our expert technicians have the skills and abilities to get the job done right time and time again.

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How can you tell when brakes need service?

There are numerous symptoms that let drivers know when their brakes should be serviced or replaced. Perhaps the most common is brakes squeaking because pads have worn to a low and unsafe point. Other signs include the brake pad vibrating or the steering wheel pulling to one side while braking, as well as the brakes not working as effectively as they should. When drivers notice these symptoms, they should bring their vehicle to a trusted technician for service.

Schedule Brake Service at Kimber Creek Ford

Here at Kimber Creek Ford, we pride ourselves on providing quality service. Drivers who want to have their brakes serviced by experienced Ford certified technicians in central Minnesota are invited to schedule a service appointment at Kimber Creek Ford. Our team is more than happy to help bring your vehicle back to tip-top shape and replace worn-down brakes. Feel free to schedule a service appointment by giving us a call. We hope to see you soon!

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