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Multi-Point Inspection near Brainerd, MN

There is no denying that vehicles are complicated mechanisms. They are made up of hundreds of components and most of them require service or maintenance at some point or another. We often hear from customers that it can be challenging to keep track of each vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended service schedule, which leads to them falling behind on routine services. One solution we suggest to customers who want to know what type of condition their vehicle is to have our expert technicians provide a multi-point inspection. During multi-point inspections at Kimber Creek Ford near Brainerd, MN, we check a number of key components to provide a complete overview of the status of the vehicle. Are you interested in having a multi-point inspection done at our Pine River, MN dealership? Continue reading below to learn more!

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What is included in a multi-point inspection?

Multi-point inspections are intended to give the driver an idea of the current state of their vehicle. During multi-point inspections at Kimber Creek Ford, we check important mechanisms of the vehicle and determine whether each requires attention, should be repaired, or is in good condition. A few of the components we inspect include the engine oil, battery, power steering fluid, brake fluid, belts and hoses, air filters, fuel system, transmission, drive axle, transmission fluid, coolant, windshield wiper fluid, chassis components, brake system and more.

Schedule a Service Appointment at Kimber Creek Ford

If you would like to have a multi-point inspection done on your vehicle in central Minnesota, schedule a service appointment with us here at the Kimber Creek Ford Service Center. If you have any questions, just give us a call at 218-818-4419. 

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