Pre-Owned Ford Vehicles in Pine River, MN

A 2013 Ford Ranger scaling a rugged hill

At Kimber Creek Ford, we offer a wide selection of high-quality used Ford vehicles, ensuring you can find the perfect car, truck, or SUV to fit your needs and budget. Here’s why purchasing a used Ford from Kimber Creek Ford in Pine River, MN, is a smart choice. To learn more about your favorite Ford model and our available financing options for your purchase, get in touch with us.

Why Should You Consider Buying a Used Ford Vehicle at Our Dealership?

Cost Savings

Lower Purchase Price: Used vehicles typically have a significantly lower price tag compared to new ones, allowing you to save money upfront.

Depreciation: New cars depreciate quickly, losing much of their value within the first few years. A used Ford has already undergone this initial depreciation, providing better value for your money.

Variety and Availability

Diverse Selection: Kimber Creek Ford offers a wide range of models and years, giving you the flexibility to choose a vehicle that perfectly matches your preferences and requirements.

Availability of Features: You might find used Ford models with high-end features and trim levels that would be more expensive if bought new.

Quality Assurance

Certified Pre-Owned Program: Many used Fords at Kimber Creek Ford are part of the Ford Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program. These vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection process and come with extended warranties, ensuring peace of mind.

Vehicle History Reports: Access to comprehensive vehicle history reports means you can verify the car’s background and avoid any potential issues.

Tips for Buyers to Get the Best of a Pre-Owned Ford

Set a Budget: Determine your budget before visiting the dealership to streamline your selection process and avoid overspending.

Research Models: Research various Ford models to understand which features and specifications best meet your needs.

Inspect the Vehicle: Even with the assurance of CPO vehicles, it’s wise to inspect the car personally or have a trusted mechanic take a look.

Review the Vehicle History Report: Check the vehicle history report for any past accidents, service records, and ownership details.

Purchase Your Favorite Ford in Pine River, MN

At Kimber Creek Ford, we’re dedicated to providing you with a seamless and satisfying car-buying experience. Visit us to explore our extensive inventory of used Ford vehicles and find the perfect one for you. Also, schedule a test drive with us today!