Used Ford Explorer in Pine River, MN

Used Ford Explorer Black off-roading

If you're in the market for a used Ford Explorer, you're in luck! Kimber Creek Ford in Pine River, MN, has a great selection of pre-owned Ford Explorers that are sure to fit your needs and budget. Read on to learn more about our used Ford Explorers and why they're an excellent choice for those seeking an affordable yet reliable vehicle.

Reasons to Buy a Used Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is a go-to vehicle for many drivers, whether they're looking for a rugged off-road companion or something to take them through city streets. Many savvy shoppers are turning to used models of this SUV as it offers some excellent features at an affordable price point. Here are three reasons why you should consider purchasing a used Ford Explorer:

1. Cost Savings: By opting for a used model, you'll immediately save money when compared to buying brand new. A typical Ford Explorer will cost thousands of dollars less than if bought fresh from the dealership, and you could even find great deals in certified pre-owned programs too!

2. Dependability: The reputation of Ford leaving owners feeling safe on any journey holds true to this day; they remain reliable over time while maintaining their structural integrity despite the wear and tear from daily use through regular maintenance checks such as oil changes and tire rotations every few months or so - ideal for those who commute regularly or take long trips frequently by car.

3. Great Resale Value: With proper maintenance and upkeep over time, Explorers typically retain much more resale value than other brands, making them excellent investments down the line. Plus, even after several years on the roads, they still look almost brand new due to their legendary design and build-quality construction.

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