Hillsboro Truck Beds

Quality Truck Beds for Discriminating Customers
Kimber Creek Ford is pleased to offer Hillsboro Aluminum and Steel Truck Beds to our discriminating customers. Like Kimber Creek Ford, Hillsboro Industries demands and offers nothing less than the highest possible quality products. Our goal is to not just to meet our customers’ expectations, our goal is to exceed them.

Aluminum Truck Beds
Hillsboro has been number one in the aluminum truck bed market for the past 15 years. Hillsboro Aluminum Truck Beds are the ideal combination of lightweight versatility, heavy-duty construction and flexible installation on both single and dual-wheel trucks.

Hillsboro is a proven veteran in the manufacture of aluminum truck beds – using advanced aluminum design & engineering and custom-made aluminum extrusions produced solely for Hillsboro Industries.

Series 2000 Aluminum Truck Beds
· Corrosion resistant bed.
· Increased MPG: 40% weight savings vs. comparable steel beds.
· 3-year warranty backed by the most seasoned aluminum truck bed manufacturer with 15 years of continuous product development in aluminum truck beds.
· Contoured full vision headache rack adjusts to Ford, Dodge and Chevy heights to provide complete cab protection with minimum wind resistance.
· Superior components from respected suppliers such as PPG Paint, Maxi-Seal Harnesses and Peterson Lights.

Standard Features
· Best looking truck bed in the market.
· Rugged design to withstand daily use.
· Three-year Warranty.
· LED Peterson Deluxe Lighting.
· Maxi-Seal jacketed harness with plug-in connections.
· Contoured headache rack to match cab.
· Gooseneck ball plate with flush mount cover (2 5/16" 30k ball included).
· Heavy Duty extruded rub rail.
· Extruded aluminum tie rail with extruded stake pockets.
· Heavy duty Treadbrite tailboard and extruded frame.

3000 Series Aluminum Truck Beds
· Durable adjustable height bulkhead with 1 ½” square tube louvers and full height side support gussets.
· 6” tall fold down side rails with slam latches.
· Pre-mounted gooseneck hitch with a 2 5/16” ball and a flush mount lid.
· Adjustable width long sills that allow the bed to be fitted to multiple frame widths.
· Standard with a 2” receiver hitch.
· Tapered corners on the rear of the bed.
· Tapered front corners of the 96” wide beds for dual wheel trucks.

Standard Features
· Three-year warranty.
· High strength aluminum extruded floor.
· Heavy duty Treadbrite tailboard.
· 3” aluminum I-beam cross members with approximately 16” spacing.
· Heavy duty 6” tall extruded rub rail.
· Recessed stainless steel flip up tie downs.
· Heavy duty adjustable height headache rack with square tube louvers.
· 4”x2” tube steel long sills, adjustable to 34”, 38”, 42”.
· Fold down sides with slam latch.
· Recessed aluminum castings for taillights and tag.
· Tapered rear with step.
· Tapered front on 96” wide dual wheel beds.
· Corrosion resistant.
· LED lights (6) stop, turn & tail and (4) back-up.
· LED clearance & side marker lights.
· Sealed wiring harness with plug-in connections.
· Lights and harness installed.
· 26K Gooseneck ball plate with flush mount cover (2 5/16” 30K ball included).
· 12K Receiver Hitch with 2” tube.
· Aluminum fuel door.

Other Popular Options: Aluminum tool boxes. Removable tailgate kit. Mud flaps with Hillsboro logo. Extra aluminum fuel filler door.

Steel Truck Beds

Hillsboro Steel Truck Beds, with their rugged construction, offers the ultimate in innovative features and superior quality. Adjustable stringers let you install beds on any make or model of truck without modification, eliminating excess inventory and special orders. Stake pockets and tie rails let you secure loads quickly and easily. The PPG epoxy primer and polyurethane paint finish provide enhanced aesthetics and service life.

Optional, weather-resistant toolboxes add protected storage for tools and other equipment. Constructed of 14-gauge steel with a 10-gauge steel door, the box features a locking, stainless steel t-latch and recessed door with weather seal and greaseable hinges.

Steel Truck Beds
· Rugged Construction.
· Innovative Features.
· Superior Quality.
· Adjustable Stringers.
· Stake Pockets and Tie Rails.
· PPG Epoxy Primer.
· Polyurethane Paint Finish.

Standard Features
· Two-year warranty.
· High quality PPG epoxy primer and polyurethane paint finish.
· 3-inch channel louvered headache rack.
· 1/8-inch steel deck tread plate on 8 and 8.5-foot wide models.
· 14-gauge steel deck tread plate on 7' and 7.5' wide models.
· Recessed hitch with flush mount hinged lid.
· 3-inch structural channel long sills adjustable from 34", 38" or 42" frame.
· 4-inch formed channel cross members.
· Stake pockets with tie rail.
· Sealed beam lights.
· Dual tag lights.
· Wiring harness.
· Headache rack lights.
· 4-inch formed channel cross members

Other Popular Options: 2-5/16-inch hitch ball, 30,000-lb. GTW rating, Three-inch drop-in side rails, Available without recessed hitch with flush mount hinged lid, Available without headache rack, Available without stake pockets and tie rails, Fuel filler bracket, Mud flaps, Drop hitch

GII Steel Truck Beds

GII Hillsboro Steel Truck Beds offer the ultimate in quality features and options. Stake pockets and tie rails allow loads to be quickly and easily secured. PPG epoxy primer and polyurethane paint finish provide enhanced aesthetics and service life.

GII Steel Truck Bed
· Rugged Construction.
· Innovative Features.
· Superior Quality.
· Adjustable Stringers.
· Stake Pockets and Tie Rails.
· PPG Epoxy Primer.
· Polyurethane Paint Finish.

Standard Features
Two-year warranty.
· Epoxy primer.
· Black polyurethane paint.
· Louvered headache rack w/ sealed beam lights.
· 1/8-inch steel tread plate deck.
· Mounting plate with 26K ball & flush mount lid.
· 5" structural long sills.
· 2 1/2" cross members.
· Sealed beam lights (6) stop, turn & tail and (4) back-up.
· Sealed beam I.D. lights in rear of bed.
· Dual tag lights.
· Inboard stake pockets.
· 6" fold-down sides w/ multiple tie locations.
· Sides have greaseable hinges, slam latch & rubber bump stop.
· Rear tailboard with receiver hitch.
· Board holders across front and back of bed.
· Enclosed wiring harness.
· 7 wire trailer socket

Other Popular Features: Acumen Brake & Hitch System ILOS, Stainless steel fuel dish, LED lights, Tool boxes, Hillsboro mud flaps

Available Sizes for Hillsboro Truck Beds: Width: 80" & Length: 84", Width: 80" & Length: 102", Width: 80" & Length: 112", Width: 88" & Length: 112", Width: 88" & Length: 136", Width: 96" & Length: 102", Width: 96" & Length: 112", Width: 96" & Length: 136"

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