Why is My Gas Mileage Lower in Winter?

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Ice being scraped off a windshield

Kids love the winter. Snow on the grounds means building snowmen and throwing snowballs. A lot of snow can also lead to snow days which is even better for kids. If you’re a kid, then it is hard to think of anything better than the snow.

Adults are usually a bit more wary of winter weather. Shoveling driveways, de-icing cars, and driving on slippery roadways is never fun. Most people know to be cautious when it comes to driving in the winter. Snow and ice can cause or hide a lot of hazards, so safe driving is important. One thing people might not notice is that winter can lower your car’s fuel economy.

Improving Your Fuel Economy in Winter

Those frigid temperatures can really affect your car, especially if you do a lot of short-trip city driving. The cold temperatures make it hard for engine fluids to flow, so the engine has to work a bit harder to keep up. Heating your car and seats also uses additional power which will continue to drain your fuel. People also have a tendency to let their cars “warm up” before going, but that actually wastes fuel as it only takes thirty seconds for the car engine to be ready.

Close-up of a tire on snow

Frosty windshield with the wiper blades up

Everything about the winter hurts your car’s fuel economy. Parking your car in warmer areas, like a garage, will keep it warmer. You should also check your tire pressure regularly as lower pressures in the tires will lower your fuel economy. Roof racks and any other accessory that increases wind resistance should be removed when they are not in use if you want to maximize your fuel economy.

How To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

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