Ford participates in drone-to-vehicle developer challenge

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford F-150, Technology on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 12:49 pm
Ford drone-to-vehicle connectivity

Ford drone-to-vehicle connectivity

The world can be a cruel place. We humans are fragile and at the mercy of a sometimes volatile planet. Earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters threaten to take down cities in the blink of an eye. When these disasters occur, rescue and rebuilding efforts can be extremely challenging. The forward thinkers at Ford understand this, which is why the automaker is embarking on a new quest to use today’s technology to assist in the event of a catastrophe. Read on for more details about Ford drone-to-vehicle connectivity.

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Ford and DJI collaboration

DJI is the world leader in professional drone systems and technology, and Ford is collaborating with the company to create the DJI Developer Challenge. With this venture, innovators are invited to create drone-to-vehicle connectivity which is compatible with Ford SYNC AppLink or OpenXC. The expectation is to end up with a surveying system that can be used by the United Nations Development Program to inspect emergency zones which have become inaccessible to people or vehicles on the ground. The winner of the challenge will receive $100,000, but even more important than the monetary prize is how this valuable tool could help aid workers who are assisting with relief efforts in disaster-stricken areas. Take a look at the brief demonstration video below.

Drones launching from Ford F-150

The brilliant minds who are taking a crack at this must create software which would make it possible for a Ford F-150 to communicate with a drone in real time. The drone would launch from the truck’s bed after the F-150 has gone as far into the emergency zone as possible. The driver would then use Ford SYNC to locate a target area where the drone could sweep for survivors and relay video of the disaster. This could help workers create a plan for rescuing people who are in danger or who have been injured.

Ford continues to innovate, and we here at Houston Ford are proud to bring you the latest and greatest new Ford models!

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