Blind Spot Monitoring and Trailering on the 2019 Ranger

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Ranger, Performance on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018 at 12:07 pm
2019 Ford Ranger Lariat branding

We’ve already written a little about the driver assistance features you can find on the 2019 Ford Ranger, but in this blog we wanted to focus in on one in particular: the Blind Spot Information System (BLIS). This system is standard on XLT and Lariat trim level  and not only offers traditional warnings for drivers moving lanes, but can even offer more peace of mind when hauling a trailer. So how does the Blind Spot Information System work on the 2019 Ford Ranger? Keep reading to find out. 

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How does the Blind Spot Information System work on the 2019 Ford Ranger?

BLIS on the 2019 Ford Ranger uses radar systems housed in the Ranger’s taillights to keep an eye on the truck’s blind spot. When it detects vehicles in the area, it will warn the driver via a small light on the side mirror.

Trailer blind spot profiles on the 2019 Ranger

While having blind spot warnings can be useful, if you are towing you may also want warnings about when a vehicles is next to your trailer. Fortunately BLIS on the 2019 Ford Ranger includes trailer coverage. Drivers can keep up to three trailer profiles in the Ranger’s system so that the radar knows the length of the trailer and how far back to provide warnings. It can be challenging to haul a trailer, but with the Blind Spot Information System on the 2019 Ford Ranger drivers can leave some worry behind.

You can see this in action on the video embedded in this page.

Rear cross traffic alert

In addition to BLIS (which will also work just fine without a trailer) the 2019 Ford Ranger is available with rear cross traffic alerts that will warn drivers if there is a car coming behind them when they are leaving a parking space. This can make leaving a parking lot or a tricky work site even easier.

The 2019 Ford Ranger is the only midsize truck to offer this level of blind spot monitoring with trailer coverage. If you would like to learn more about this all-new model in the Brainerd MN area (or get your hands on a 2019 Ranger as soon as possible) go to our reserve your 2019 Ford Ranger page to let Kimber Creek Ford know about your interest.

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