How much is a new Ford F-150?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford F-150, Ford Trucks on Wednesday, June 19th, 2019 at 4:24 pm
Red 2019 Ford F-150 hauls a boat up a leafy road.

How much does a new 2019 Ford F-150 cost?

As the best-selling vehicle in America, pretty much everyone has heard of the Ford F-150. The stalwart, seemingly immortal pick-up gets better with each passing year. But along with the added features, improved capabilities, and performance optimizations, another element that changes with each new model is the price.

Lots of factors play into the price of a new Ford F-150. It can be easy to find out the starting, baseline MSRP, but few people actually purchase the barebones model. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay for a new 2019 Ford F-150.

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Interior sunroof on a 2019 Ford F-150.2019 Ford F-150 Trim Prices

The first factor in the cost of a new F-150 is the trim choice. Let’s go over the starting MSRPs of each trim:

  • XL – $28,155
  • XLT – $34,160
  • LARIAT – $41,700
  • King Ranch® – $52,390
  • Raptor – $52,855
  • Platinum – $54,920
  • Limited – $67,135

2019 Ford F-150 Cab and Box Type Costs

Prices change further based on your choice of cab type and box length. Upgrading to a bigger cab and/or longer box will generally cost more, though the exact increases can vary.

It’s usually around $3,000 to $4,000 to upgrade to a SuperCab, and around $6,000 to $8,000 to upgrade to the SuperCrew®. But things get more tricky here, because not all boxes and cabs are available on all trims, and the costs of changing are different on each one.

Further Costs on a New Ford F-150

The final price you pay can also be increased through add-ons like packages, engine choice, exterior styling and accents, interior features and augmentations, and accessories.

To find the exact price of the Ford F-150 you want to build, head to the Ford F-150 build page on their website. To check out the prices of new Ford F-150 trucks on our lot, check out our new Ford F-150 inventory!

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