What voice commands are available on the 2018 Ford Fusion?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Fusion on Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 at 12:52 pm
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Many new and modern vehicles feature voice activation technology. On Ford models specifically, the SYNC® system gives drivers a wide array of options and voice commands. These commands and features make the driving experience safer by reducing the temptation of using phones or futzing around with knobs and buttons in the car. Simply turn on the voice command system and talk to the car. Keep reading to learn more about what you can do with this technology in the new Ford Fusion. 

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2018 Ford Fusion voice commands 

SYNC®3 comes standard on the new Fusion, and it only takes a few steps to take over the wide range of system features while you’re behind the wheel. First, we have hands-free calling. With your phone stowed away, you can still make a call to anyone in your contacts by simply saying, “Call Mike on cell.” Pretty neat, huh? There’s even more you can do. 

You can activate music and entertainment by saying, “Play Separate Ways by Journey,” or simply say which genre of music you would like to hear. Of course, this is all possible after you set up the voice command system to fit your preferences. You can also select the specific media source by saying, “USB,” “Sirius XM,” “Bluetooth,” et cetera. 

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Another great inclusion in this voice command system is navigation. With many new cars coming with a built-in GPS, lots of drivers know the frustration that comes with inputting data into the navigation system. With this voice command, though, you can simply say the city, address, or anything else to identify your destination. Other basic commands include radio tuning, CD playing and pausing, mobile app activation, and so much more.

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