Where are Ford Vehicles Made?

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Ford Assembly Plant Locations

Here in Pine River, MN, we have pride in our country. This means many things, one of which being that we like to support U.S. manufacturing industries. Americans commonly associate Ford with the term “American-Made.” But are Ford’s vehicles really manufactured in the United States?

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Well, rest easy, because overall the answer is yes. The majority of Ford’s vehicles sold to the North American market are put together in the U.S., with a few plants in Mexico and Canada. Here’s a list showing where each plant is located and which models they assemble:

  • Chicago, IL: Ford Explorer, Ford Taurus, Lincoln MKS
  • Flat Rock, MI: Ford Fusion, Ford Mustang
  • Kansas City, MO: Ford F-150, Ford Transit
  • Louisville, KY: Ford Escape, Lincoln MKC
  • Wayne, MI: Ford Focus, Ford C-Max
  • Avon Lake, OH: Ford E-Series
  • Ontario, Canada: Ford Edge, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKT, Lincoln MKX
  • Cuatitlan, Mexico:  Ford Fiesta
  • Hermosillo, Mexico: Ford Fusion, Lincoln MKZ

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Where is Ford’s biggest plant?

That’s no moon- it’s the Ford Kansas City Assembly Plant! Originally opened for military production in 1951, Ford’s Kansas City plant produces more units than any other car manufacturing plant in the United States. With approximately 7,000 hourly workers employed across 4.7 million square feet of production space, this behemoth has been pumping out F-150s since 1957. It’s no surprise that it’s the single largest tax generator in Clay County, Missouri.

Where is Ford’s main headquarters?

Known as the Henry Ford II World Center, Ford’s main headquarters is located in Dearborn, Michigan.  It was built in the 1950s at the peak of American optimism, at a time when, as columnist George Will puts it, “even buildings seemed streamlined for speed.” In the surrounding area, you’ll find a variety of other Ford-related hotspots: the historic Rouge plant (the largest integrated factory in the world at the time of it’s construction), the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn’s Henry Ford Centennial Library, and Fair Lane, Henry Ford’s personal estate.

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What other countries does Ford manufacture vehicles in?

It’s worth noting that, in addition to what we listed above, Ford does manufacture in a variety of plants around the world. For example, AutoAlliance Thailand is a plant located in Thailand (surprise) that Ford co-owns and operates with Mazda. However, the products built here are primarily sold in the South-East Asian market, along with being exported to other developing markets, and Europe. The same goes for Ford’s other factories outside North America- products built are sold to the surrounding markets. If you buy a car here in the U.S., on the other hand, you’re almost certainly getting a vehicle built at the plants listed above.

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