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What are the benefits of a CVT transmission?

When it comes to buying a car, there are a lot of things that the average buyer must consider. From features to performance, each car offers its own unique set of specs. Today, the majority of drivers on the road opt for automatic transmissions. An increasingly common type of transmission is the continuously variable transmission (CVT). There are a number of factors that set this type of transmission apart from other automatic transmission setups. What are the benefits of a CVT transmission? Keep reading this automotive maintenance tips post from Houston Ford to learn more! 

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Benefits of a continuously variable transmission

The difference between CVTs and standard manual transmissions lies in their construction. Rather than using automatically-shifting fixed gears, a CVT uses a system of two pulleys connected by a steel band. The diameter of one of the pulleys is continuously adjusting as needed to accommodate an adequate “gear ratio” to push power forward to the car’s wheels. There are a number of benefits to this. 

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Firstly, compared to traditional manual transmissions, CVTs use fewer parts in manufacturing. This makes them less costly to produce, in turn taking the price of the vehicle slightly down. Secondly, CVTs often make for a smoother drive. As the diameter of the adjustable pulley is constantly changing and adjusting with speed and acceleration, you don’t feel the jerks that can sometimes accompany an older manual transmission. CVTs have also been found to be more efficient that traditional manual transmissions. Acceleration stays in check, in a sort of “sweet spot” with a CVT, therefore using only the necessary amount of power from the engine. This power is conserved rather than wasted, resulting in a slightly better fuel efficiency, too.

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