Who invented the modern pickup truck?

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Ford celebrates 100 years of truck history

There are very few companies, if any, that have been perfecting the pickup truck for as long as Ford has. One hundred years ago, on July 27, 1917, Ford introduced the Modell TT, a vehicle that forever changed the auto industry, and American work itself. Now, a century later, the Ford F-Series leads the industry in innovation and capability, and has been America’s best-selling truck for 40 consecutive years, and the best-selling vehicle for 35 straight years! BY listening to the wants and needs of truck drivers, and constantly innovating, Ford trucks have maintained a rich history that is continuing into the 2018 Ford F-Series, and beyond. Keep on reading to learn more about why Ford celebrates 100 years of truck history!

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Ford model TT Historic pickup truck

Ford heard customers concerns for a heavier-duty work-capable vehicle. The Model TT was released on July 27, 1917.

Ford Model 50 historic pickup truck

The Ford 50 had a V8 engine, making Ford the standard for American work.

Ford F-Series historic pick up truck

The Ford F-Series has been the best-selling truck in America for over 40 consecutive years.

Ford Model TT

Nine years after the Model T was released, Ford heard the concerns of drivers needing a more powerful vehicle, capable of hauling heavier loads and offer greater capabilities for work and deliveries. On July 27, 1917, Ford released the Ford Model TT, which offered driver a heavier-duty frame able to carry an entire ton of payload. The factory price on this vehicle was a whopping $600. Ford made bhistory with this model. The TT was marketed in rural areas and urban, drawing many to the truck.

Ford Model 50 and AA

Inspired by the Fordson tractors of the day, Henry Ford thought of a vehicle that could accommodate third-party beds, cargo areas, and more add-ons for a wider variety of jobs. The Model TT served this purpose, but with the creation of the Model AA in 1928, Ford offered a larger more powerful option to drivers. The Model AA had a 1.5 ton chassis and a larger and more powerful engine. Ford then released the Ford Model 50 in 1935, which featured the first V8 engine in a Ford truck.

Ford F-Series

After WWII, America saw a lot of rural families move to urban and suburban areas in search of work, and they took their reliable Ford trucks with them. In 1948, Ford developed their first generation of the Ford F-Series Bonus Built trucks. Right off the bat, the F-series offered drivers numerous options in power, capability, and jobs needing to be done. Fast-forward to today, and the F Series is the most popular truck in America.

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