How Did Ford E-Transit™ Van Helps Ford Pro Customers Shift to Battery Power?

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Three 2023 Ford E-Transit™ vehicles parked in an industrial area

Ford E-Transit™ Van: The Leader of the All-Electric Commercial Cargo Van Market

The Ford E-Transit™ van has made a name for itself as the market-leading all-electric commercial cargo van a year after its debut in North America. The E-Transit is the most popular electric cargo van in the U.S. and Canada and is the market leader in Europe. Ford revealed last week that it would increase E-Transit manufacturing at the Kansas City Assembly Plant beginning next month as demand for the vehicle grows. Learn more about the rapid growth of the Ford E-Transit – the leader of the all-electric commercial cargo van market in this blog post by Kimber Creek Ford in Pine River, MN.

What is the Impact of the Ford E-Transit?

Businesses looking to adopt battery electric technology is happening at a global scale, and E-Transit – along with the Ford Pro™ one-stop shop of software, services, and charging solutions– is at the forefront of that revolution,

“In its first year on the road, E-Transit has made an immediate impact, and we are just getting started.”

Ted Cannis – the CEO of Ford Pro.

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Ford E-Transit: Business Progress Overview

While other automakers still state their intentions to offer electric vans, E-Transit has significantly promoted E.V. adoption. In December 2022, 6,500 E-Transit vans were sold in the U.S., including in all 50 states. This accounts for more than 60% of the electric van market.

2023 Ford E-Transit being driven down a highway
A man stands behind a 2023 Ford E-Transit Ford Pro truck

The E-Transit users have traveled at least 12 million miles across the United States and Canada since the arrival of the all-electric van in February 2022. In Ford Pro™ E-Telematics data taken during that time showed more than 745,000 gallons of gas and more than 4.3 million kilograms of CO2 E-Transit drivers compared to similarly sized gas-powered vehicles Transit® vans.

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Visit Kimber Creek Ford in Pine River, MN

The versatile Ford E-Transit vans, including chassis cab and cutaway models, provide eight configurations for various business types. This makes it the market leader in 28 of 30 industries recognized by S&P Global. If you want a deeper look at the 2023 Ford E-Transit vans in Pine River, MN, the Kimber Creek Ford dealership is your one-stop shop. Call our sales team if you have any questions. 

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