What makes the Ford EcoBoost® Engine special?

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Information on Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 at 10:18 am
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Ford EcoBoost® Engine Explained

While shopping for a new or pre-owned Ford model, chances are that you’ve come across the brand’s EcoBoost® engine. Here at Kimber Creek Ford, many of the Ford models on our lot are offered or equipped with EcoBoost® engines, so we’re going to dive into the specs, features and capabilities of the EcoBoost® engine. Continue reading below to learn about the EcoBoost® engine and how it differs from others!

EcoBoost Turbo Engine up close

What makes the EcoBoost® engine different?

The first Ford EcoBoost® engine was first produced in 2009 and has since spread to a variety of Ford vehicles. But what exactly is an EcoBoost® engine? Well, EcoBoost® is what Ford named its line of turbocharged engines with direct fuel injection, which are more powerful and fuel-efficient than a conventional engine of the same size. Typically, the brand limits its EcoBoost® line to engines between 1.0 liter and 3.5 liters in size.

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Direct Fuel Injection visual on Ford EcoBoost Engine

How does the EcoBoost® engine work?

EcoBoost® engines are turbocharged, so they feature a turbine-driven component on the exhaust that compresses air and forces it into the combustion chamber. Because the engine receives more air than it would naturally, the power output of an EcoBoost® engine is higher than that of an identical engine without a turbocharger. The performance of EcoBoost™ engines is also enhanced with direct injection, which mists the combustion chamber with a precise amount of fuel in order to maximize the engine’s power output and fuel efficiency. Watch the video explanation below for a more technically detailed explanation of the EcoBoost® engine.

Which Ford Models offer the EcoBoost® Engine?

The Ford EcoBoost® engine has been around for more than a decade and provides the efficient and powerful performance shoppers have come to expect from the brand. The EcoBoost® engine can be found on a wide variety of Ford models, including the Fiesta, Fusion, Mustang, Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer, F-150, EcoSport and Expedition.

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