Ford Super Duty trucks getting a technology upgrade for 2017

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Super Duty, Technology on Thursday, March 17th, 2016 at 10:11 am
A Ford Super Duty Truck uses the Reverse Trailer Guidance system.

Reverse Trailer Guidance for Ford Super Duty pickups

Ford is one of the most successful auto manufacturers in the world, and one of the reasons for this continued success is constant innovation. Whether it’s new technology in autonomous vehicles or connectivity with your smartphone, Ford is always on the cutting edge of the auto industry. Now, Ford is further enhancing its popular Super Duty lineup of pickup trucks to further assist drivers. Reverse Trailer Guidance for Ford Super Duty pickups will roll out for the 2017 model year, and it looks impressive.

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How does Reverse Trailer Guidance work?

Reverse Trail Guidance uses a system of cameras located on different areas of the truck to help drivers as they are backing up and parking a trailer. More angles are captured with this method, and it works in tandem with the old fashioned mirror method for the complicated task of driving in reverse with a large trailer attached. Watch a demonstration of this system below.

Reverse Trailer Guidance cameras on Ford trucks

The 2017 Super Duty lineup will offer up to seven cameras. The core group of cameras will function as follows:

  • A tailgate camera will track the motion of a conventional trailer to help coach drivers while backing up.
  • A center high-mounted stop lamp camera will show a view of the cargo box with a dynamic guideline.
  • Two side-view cameras will shift the view of the trailer when the angle of it changes as it is being backed into place.
  • A factory-available camera will be available for the customer to place at the back of a trailer to help visibility.

Ford also has two patents pending in regards to the Reverse Trailer Guidance system: a dynamic steering wheel icon and a dual-purpose camera package. This system is not a substitute for safe driving and the use of mirrors to back a trailer into place, however, it is expected to offer a great deal of further assistance to drivers. Keep checking the Houston Ford blog for more news about Ford’s exciting updates and innovations!

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