Ford Explorer makes an appearance in the new X-Files series

By Product Expert | Posted in Ford Explorer, Just for Fun, Technology on Saturday, January 23rd, 2016 at 10:43 pm
2016 Ford Explorer Platinum available technology

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum available technology

The truth is out there, and you may find it if you go exploring. Ford has just such a vehicle for those endeavors: The Explorer. Ford didn’t name it that by mistake or on a whim; it is meant to evoke a spirit of adventure and wonder, to serve as the vehicle manifestation of journeys into the world. This makes it the perfect vehicle to feature in the brand new reboot of “The X-Files,” the cult classic science fiction series about two FBI agents who investigate paranormal cases. Keep reading to see how the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum available technology will factor into the TV show.

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2016 Ford Explorer Platinum available technology2016 Ford Explorer in The X-Files

The Ford Explorer has been the best selling SUV in the United States for 25 years, going back to before the original run of “The X-Files” had even started airing. The time is right for the return of UFOs and monsters from other dimensions, and with technology where it is today in both the entertainment and automobile worlds, it’s only fitting that Ford’s high-tech vehicles will be featured.

2016 Ford Explorer Platinum front camera

One of the 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum’s most striking technology features that is expected to be shown in the series is its Front 180-Degree Camera. This camera, which even has its own washer to keep the lens free of dirt and debris, is meant to assist drivers with seeing what’s ahead and what’s around the corner. Perhaps it could serve a similar purpose in the show, catching an alien that is trying to get a jump on Mulder and Scully! Other available technology includes voice-activated SYNC, which drivers can use to stay in touch with the outside world, a Lane-Keeping System to help if the SUV starts to drift out of its lane, and available navigation. The navigation may come in handy in case you find yourself lost on a lonely road, get a flat tire, and see strange lights in the sky ahead of you. Perhaps in that case, agents Mulder and Scully can come to your rescue in their snazzy new Ford Explorer Platinum!

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