Tips For Getting the Best Fuel Economy in Your Ford Vehicle

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips & Tricks on Thursday, April 28th, 2022 at 1:17 am
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Maximize Fuel Economy of Your Ford Vehicle   

We do not usually consider how to save gas when driving. There are many more factors to consider, such as where we are going and what we will do. However, a few minor adjustments to one’s thinking and driving habits may save a lot of money and gas. In this blog by Kimber Creek Ford in Pine River, MN, we have shared some tips to maximize the fuel economy of your Ford Vehicle. Go through this blog, try to follow the suggestions, and let us know if you were able to fetch any positive results.  

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5 Tips to Get the Best Gas Mileage   

  • Leverage Cruise Control: Use cruise control to maintain consistent speeds whenever it is safe to do so. Adaptive cruise control is included on most Ford cars, which helps you save gas while driving at a reasonable speed.  
  • Avoid Over Speeding your Ford: Your automobile is designed to maximize fuel economy around posted highway speeds. Anything more can increase fuel usage by up to 20% or more.    
  • Use OEM-Recommended Gas: Your Ford vehicle is designed to run on a specific octane gas type. The best bet is to read your car’s manual. Moreover, this information is usually printed on your vehicle’s gas outlet.  
  • Maintain Your Vehicle Timely: To get the most mileage, ensure your tires are properly inflated. Oil changes regularly allow your engine to perform with less friction and more excellent mileage. Maintaining a clean automobile minimizes drag, which impacts the fuel economy. 
  • Remove Roof Attachments: Roof attachments can increase drag by up to 20%, significantly reducing gas mileage. 

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