How to know when to change my tires?

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Tips to Know when to Change your Tires 

The lifespan of a tire depends on various factors, including road conditions, design, climate, and driver habits. Although one can never know how long a tire lasts, Kimber Creek Ford brings you some easy tips to know when to change your tires so that you can protect yourself on the road and from other tire-related mishaps. Join us at Pine River, MN, for more information on how to know when to change your tires. Continue reading for the tips to check your tire.  

What damages Tires?  

Other than age and damage due to wear and tear, there are many other factors that can damage your tires. Driving through extreme climate conditions leads to frequent exposure of the tires to rain, snow, ice, strong sunlight, and ozone can also lead to damage to your tires along with driving habits like over-speeding, emergency braking, and delay in handling vibration and noise.  

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When to Replace Tires? 

Inspect your tire regularly, keeping a lookout for uneven tread wear, damaged valve caps, damaged sidewalls, deformed beads, deflated tires, or vibrations during driving are indications of when to replace tires.  

Alternatively, you can conduct the penny test to check your tire’s tread depth to determine if it is time to change the tire. Take a penny and hold it upside down to do this test, placing it in the tread gap. If you can see the entire head of the President, then it is time to change the tires. The tread depth of the tire should be maintained at 12/32,” and if it goes below this rate, the tire should be changed at the earliest.  

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